In business for more than 100 years, Audi is an automaker that makes luxury cars and SUVs. The company was born in Germany and has remained Deutschland-based to this day. "Audi Automobile Works" entered the German car-manufacturing business in 1910 and remained independent until the Great Depression. Because Audi's founder, August Horch, had left a 10-year-old company bearing his own name, he chose a Latin form of his name -- Audi -- for his new company. Audi joined with three other auto manufacturers in 1932 to form Auto Union. Audi, the only surviving nameplate from that union, was purchased by Volkswagen in 1964. Every manufacturer has its defining moments. For Audi, one such moment came in March 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show. The automaker unveiled the Audi quattro, an all-wheel-drive sport coupe. Previously, this drive concept had been seen only in trucks and off-road vehicles; the quattro was the first high-performance vehicle with all-wheel drive and it met with a wildly enthusiastic response on the show floor. The quattro's all-wheel-drive system went on to help Audi win accolades in motorsports and it was eventually integrated into the entire model range. The quattro coupe no longer exists, but its name lives on; "quattro" is the moniker given to Audi's all-wheel-drive system. Audi's early experience as a trailblazer with all-wheel drive was a sign of things to come, one that foreshadowed the company's commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology. Additionally, Audi is one of only a handful of manufacturers to make vehicles that utilize aluminum space frame technology. Aluminum-made vehicles are significantly lighter than their steel-bodied counterparts. This weight advantage can help improve handling, acceleration and fuel consumption, as well as noise, vibration and harshness. And the automaker is one of only a few to offer vehicles equipped with continually variable transmissions (CVTs). Those who have sat in a modern Audi are not likely to forget it. The manufacturer has distinguished itself with its superbly crafted interiors, and an Audi cabin is a symphony of luxury and ergonomic design. Materials quality is beyond reproach, even in entry-luxury models like the A3 and A4. Those lucky enough to garner seat time in the top-of-the-line Audi A8 are treated to one of the most stylish cabins in existence, a plush cocoon of the finest wood and leather. It's true that Audi typically trails its German peers when it comes to name recognition and prestige. But in many cases, its vehicles offer levels of luxury and performance that meet and even exceed that of brands that are more widely coveted. Best of all, this outstanding quality doesn't demand a premium price, and Audis typically have a lower price than those of the luxury cars from the company's chief competitors.