Future Aston Martin Models

Aston Martin Rapide

First shown at the Detroit auto show in concept form, the Rapide is now on its way to showrooms. Ulrich Bez, head of Aston Martin, has confirmed approval for the car and says it will hit the market prior to the Porsche Panamera. Like Mercedes' CLS-Class, the Rapide is called a four-door coupe and designer director Marek Reichman stated that the goal was "...to make the most beautiful four-door car in the world." Several elements of the elegant DB9 are apparent, such as the nose with its classic Aston grille, covered headlights and fender vents. The kicked-up window line and fastback roof are perfectly proportioned and the transparent roof becomes opaque with the press of a button. Strictly a four-passenger car, the Rapide has a center console that runs between the rear bucket seats. Those rear-seat passengers would receive first-class treatment -- they each get their own DVD screen, audio and climate controls. Showing a bit of British class, the designers also incorporated a cooler into the trunk that holds a single magnum of champagne along with four glasses. Don't expect to see that on the production model. Fitted with a 6.0-liter, 480-horsepower V12 engine running through a six-speed automatic, the Rapide will have exceptional performance, including a 0-to-60-mph time under 5 seconds. Expect to see the 2010 Aston Martin Rapide sometime next year.

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